We’ve Always Been Green


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead



The second Monday in December has been coined, “Green Monday” for those of us who sell our products online. Bétèrre Skin Care, as an e-commerce company, most certainly falls into that category. Green Monday is something new to us but being green is certainly not.

We started as a green company from the ground up using the finest botanicals mother nature has to offer and then transformed them into amazing products to keep you safe, care for your skin, and make you feel so very good.

How else are we green? We obtain our ingredients from sustainable, responsible sources. We package our products in glass that can be recycled again and again. Our boxes are made from recycled paper and can be used to make other paper products. Even our labels our reusable and printed with non-toxic ink.

How else do we love Mother Nature? We believe living green includes respecting and protecting all the creatures on our planet. We don’t test on animals. Ever.  We try to give back to the earth all she gives us, being cruelty free is a large part that.

“Green Monday” may be a retail marketing term, but being green is not about that for us. It is about loving our earth and caring about everyone who chooses to use our products.

How do you green? On this Green Monday here are five things you can do right now:

#1. Read the labels of products before you purchase them to make sure you are supporting the companies who think the way you do.  The packaging should be recyclable. The ingredients should be non-toxic and safe for both human use and the effect it has on our waterways when it washes down our drains.

#2. LED lighting for your Christmas tree not only reduces your carbon footprint, but makes the tree safer because LED lights stay cool.

#3. Speaking of that tree, dig this:  Instead of using a tree that is cut, dig a hole in your yard twice as big as the root ball of a live pine tree. Fill the hole with straw until after the holiday. Buy a living tree from your home center and use it for your Christmas tree. When the holiday is over, pop the tree into the hole and cover with soil. It feels good to do this. There is nothing sadder than the Christmas tree graveyard at the end of everyone’s driveway the day after Christmas.

#4. If you see plastic or string or loose fishing line, pick it up and dispose of it. Did you know that marine life and birds die slow, horrible deaths because they get tangled in a piece of ribbon from a helium balloon that was let loose? It is so easy to keep them safe by just looking around you and taking away the things that may hurt them.

#5. It’s hard to find food and water in the snow. Put a bird feeder up and keep it filled for our feathered friends. Birdhouses also provide warmth and protection from harsh winds. In the spring, you will be rewarded by getting to witness the baby birds as they grow and learn to fly. Make sure there is water outside. If it is below freezing, it is hard for wildlife to to get fresh water. Just take a walk through your yard and make sure there is water available to drink.

These five things are easy to do. They may not feel like they make a big difference, but imagine if everyone did them? It all starts when each of us takes the first step.