Celebrating National Sister Day

Forever Sisters

My younger sister lives far away, so I don’t see her very often. When I think of her, the image in my mind is the little kid trying to keep up with me yelling, “Hey, wait for me!”

I’m sure if you asked my brother he would remember me yelling the same thing to him.

We were always on the move in our great adventure growing up. We flew our bikes around our little neighborhood, down hills and up again, passing gardens heavy with blooms, catching a few drops of water from the sprinklers twitching on cool front lawns and faintly smelling the dinners each of the moms were cooking as we passed their houses. We played outside until the street lamps came on: the universal signal telling us it was time to go home.

My brother met his future wife when we were in our teens.  We all grew up together. She is the bonus sister I’m so fortunate to have. Between all of us, the memories we share never leave. They sustain us and make us laugh now when we take a step back in time and remember how good everything truly was. We may not have known it at the time, but looking back – they were great days. The best part is, they still are.

I have other sisters, too, very special ones. I never would have met these incredible women if it were not for cancer. Through cancer we joined together, shared our fears, triumphs and tears. We understand each other as if we had been kids together and played until twilight. The difference is, we became family by prevailing through the harshest of battles. It reminds me of the “brotherhood” that soldiers in war talk about.The sisterhood of survivors is a life long bond that never breaks.

One of the loveliest things I have discovered since launching Bétèrre is seeing a new sisterhood forming. I have met so many people who love our products as not just a “product” but as the fresh, clean, back to nature lifestyle that is Bétèrre. It is what I was trying to do back when I came up with the very first formula. This is not just a line of skin care; it is a way of life that can be shared sister-to-sister and friend-to-friend. It is based on joy and caring and feeling good and treating yourself well. Just like when we were children, new things are exciting, fresh and fun. How wonderful we can all feel that way again now.

I love knowing that I am always just a text, post, email or call away from all the beautiful sisters in my life. And I know that if I yell, “Hey, wait for me!” a sister will stop,  turn and walk with me.