October 13: Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Day


Research is the strongest weapon we have against cancer.


Many women do survive breast cancer – some for many years, some for a lifetime. But for others, their future is not as certain. That is where the all the smiling, pink parties stop. You will never hear about the “other breast cancer” in the pink celebrations. What makes this so tragic is that it needs the awareness and research support the most.


I am talking about the millions of women who are dealing with breast cancer every day and who are in treatment for the rest of their lives. These women have metastatic breast cancer.


Metastatic breast cancer is cancer that has spread beyond the breast to distant sites. It could be the bone, the lung, the liver, the brain and many other places. When someone has “mets” they are continually scanned for progression of their disease. If the scan is stable, that means they may get a chemo “break” for a while. If there is some growth but no further spread women actually find themselves being happy. Imagine hearing your metastatic lung lesion “only” grew 2 centimeters- a normally terrifying finding- and feeling relieved?


It is often said that non-metastatic women live with “the new normal” after their treatments end. Metastatic women live with the “new reality” of an incurable disease that means they must endure endless treatments for the rest of their lives. That is the scary, stressful and heartbreaking reality of metastatic breast cancer that you don’t hear about.


The world needs to be aware of metastatic cancer and we desperately need more treatments for it. We need to find a way to stop the spread of breast cancer throughout the body. We need these women to be able to live their lives without the shadow of The Beast breathing down their necks, every hour of every day of every year of their lives.


I know thousands of women all over the world in various stages of breast cancer. Many are doing well and living their lives post treatment. But I also have had to say goodbye to too many beautiful, friends who died from breast cancer. All of them had metastatic disease.


What will help the fight against metastatic disease is research.


That is why, as a breast cancer survivor and advocate and as the founder of Bétèrre Skin+Care, when October was upon us and everyone was asking why were weren’t changing the color of our packaging to pink, we took a stand and put money where it is really needed and where it will do the most good.


We believe in research and we believe in the incredible, groundbreaking research being conducted at The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Their work has lead to a better understanding of how breast cancer cells form in the body. They have found ways to use the body’s own immune system to fight the disease. And they are the leading innovators in the fight against metastatic disease.


  Research is the best weapon in the fight against breast cancer. To support this fight, we are    donating 20% of our net proceeds of all Bétèrre products sold in October.


Bétèrre was first created to help with the ravages of cancer treatments. Metastatic women can find relief from our gentle, non-toxic formulas to help ease their side effects. We love that we can help these warriors feel better with our luxurious balms and botanical oils, bringing some pleasure into their lives while we also support the researchers who are finding a way to help them live longer, cancer-free lives.


October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Please take a moment to remember those lost and to help the researchers working to save those who are fighting their metastatic disease every day.


We know the answer can be found through research. Until then, we wait.  We wait for a miracle.