A Message from Bétèrre’s Founder, Gina Maisano


Dear Friends,

October heralds in the first real feeling of autumn. The leaves reach their peak color before they fall. Bright oranges and burning reds mingle with russet and aubergine, creating landscapes so vivid you forget that they will soon be replaced with the complex architecture of trunks and branches. October is a beautiful month because of its transitional quality. Sometimes, transitions are unforeseen and not so beautiful.

There is another color that is part of the October landscape, too. To some, pink is a color of hope and determination. To others, it is reminder of a disease they would rather forget.

I know a bit about breast cancer. I was first diagnosed with it in 2001 and again in 2007. I have had chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries for both fights against the disease.

I know what it is like to have breast cancer. I have helped women around the world get through their breast cancer. The one thing I have learned, in all these years, is that people are “aware” of breast cancer. They don’t need just one month out of the calendar year to remind them. Cancer happens 12 months a year.

The fight against breast cancer and all cancers is far from being won. The key that will open the door to the end of cancer lies in research. Researchers are dedicated, driven, unknown heroes. Their work is not easy because cancer is not just one disease. But they have made amazing discoveries, and recent breakthroughs are showing incredible promise.

We at Bétèrre believe in research. We believe that all stages of breast cancer need to get an equal share in research dollars. We believe that early detection is vital but so too are better treatments, targeted therapies and finding hope for metastatic disease.

I’m sure you have noticed we do things differently at Bétèrre. For three years we painstakingly created our entire line to be free of cancer-causing toxins because we know cancer from the front lines of fighting it. While we know that October is called Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to do something about ending it.

That is why we are proud to announce our plans for the month of October.

If you purchase any of our 12, toxin-free products – each representing a different month of the year because cancer happens 12 months a year – we will donate 20% of our net proceeds to The Cold Spring Harbor Research Laboratory. We believe in their research and want to help them continue their groundbreaking work in understanding breast cancer growth, prevention, detection, developing novel therapies and to help in the advancement of their research in the fight against metastatic disease.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s dedication represents what we feel is the most important thing to remember this October: Research will end cancer.

Please join us in “Breast Cancer Research Month.” Let’s end this disease for our daughters and their daughters forever.

With love,