The Many Gifts of Lavender

Lavender is grown across the world. It has been used for centuries by those who know its vast range of benefits that come from all parts of the plant, including the flower, bud, leaves, stems and its potent essential oil. As a garden perennial, the sturdy spikes of a lavender bush welcome honey bees and butterflies and it is a wonderful addition to borders or in combination with roses and hydrangeas. Plant it near your patio to enjoy its heavenly scent.

Scientifically, the following benefits of lavender have been shown to work:

Calm Anxiety and Stress Relief
Studies have shown lavender can successfully treat patients with mild to moderate anxiety. It also reduces stress.

Lavender has potent antiseptic qualities and a little essential oil goes a long way in fighting bacteria. This makes it perfect for use in skin care products. When used in combination with other natural ingredients, it fights acne, acts as an antioxidant and clarifies the skin.

Hair Loss Prevention
Recent studies have shown that using the essential oil on the scalp can reverse hair loss and increase new hair growth in both men and women.

Mouth Sores
People suffering from common canker sores or mouth sores caused by chemotherapy can find relief from  applying the essential oil to the affected area three times a day.

Many people experience nausea post surgery. Sniffing a vial of lavender’s essential oil can greatly reduce and even stop the nausea completely.

We love using lavender and its components in all of Bétèrre. We support local farms and encourage everyone to visit one. The experience of standing in a field of fragrant purple spikes is a true gift from mother nature.