Creative Re-Purposing

Re-Purposed Bétèrre

Many of our customers have sent us photographs of how they re-use our beautiful Bétèrre bottles and jars so we have decided to challenge all of our Bétèrre family to a contest.

We import our glass from a small factory in Northern Italy not to just make our products look amazing, but to protect the purity of our formulas. Does it cost us more to do this? Yes. But you are worth it to us.


All of our packaging is recyclable, but when it comes to our bottles and jars, many find it hard to put Bétèrre glass in the recycle bin. Instead, they have found ways to use them in their homes, keeping the beauty with them.


Our beautiful packaging



Re-purposed Bétèrre

This President’s Week, when many have children home from school, we are running a contest called

The New Again Contest

It is open to people of all ages- children to adults. Send us your photos of how you re-use your Bétèrre packaging and the winner will win The ENTIRE Line of Bétèrre!

The Contest runs through February 27th and the winner will be announced on March 1st.

Show us how creative you are!

Send your photos to with your full name and address.