Creative Re-Purposing

Re-Purposed Bétèrre

Many of our customers have sent us photographs of how they re-use our beautiful Bétèrre bottles and jars so we have decided to challenge all of our Bétèrre family to a contest. We import our glass from a small factory in Northern Italy not to just make our products look amazing, but to protect the purity of our formulas. Does … Continue reading

Toxic Ingredients: Truth Edition


What is there to be afraid of if a Friday falls on the 13th day of the month? Many people put scary connotations on Friday the 13th. But why? The basis of this superstition is murky. If you are not clear on why something is to be feared, should you be afraid of it? When it comes to toxic ingredients … Continue reading

Winter Skin Relief Day


January 8th, a day on the Social Media calendar we can really get behind: Winter Skin Relief Day! You know how it feels, your skin is flaking, chapped, dry and tight due to dry heat, itchy clothes and cold temperatures. It seems that your skin is a sponge – everything you put on it is quickly absorbed and soon disappears. … Continue reading

National Cuddle Day: The Candy Cane Edition


We hear many stories about all the ways people have found to use Bétèrre. In honor of National Cuddle Day, we can’t think of a more cuddlier story to share with you.   Candy Cane Relief By Catherine Welch My three-year-old daughter, Calista’s, favorite part of the holiday season was the candy canes. The rest of the year, she hates … Continue reading

It’s Time For A Change-It’s Time for Bétèrre


“the revolution starts now In your own backyard In your own hometown So what you doin’ standin’ around? Just follow your heart                     The revolution starts now” –  Steve Earle     Bétèrre was not created to be “just another skin care line.” No. It has a history that goes back many years – a history of living on the … Continue reading

Gift Giving Made Easy


I love this time of the year. I love the hustle and bustle and the last minute preparations, holiday parties, the sound of Christmas music or Christmas movies playing in the background. Who hasn’t wrapped presents listening to Ralphie desperately plead for his Red Ryder? We wanted to make this year extra easy for you. So many people want to … Continue reading

We’ve Always Been Green


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead     The second Monday in December has been coined, “Green Monday” for those of us who sell our products online. Bétèrre Skin Care, as an e-commerce company, most certainly falls into that category. Green … Continue reading

Beautiful Holiday Centerpiece Made from Nature


With all the tinsel, faux trees and  plastic greenery it is hard to get a true feel of the holiday in your home. When it comes to an elegant dinner, give your table an extra special touch using just three ingredients from nature. What you need: A beautiful vase that hopefully has a bit of a flared edge Fresh, whole … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Preparation Guide

Roasted turkey

Many of us have family and friends arriving on Thanksgiving to gather together, give our thanks and eat as much as possible in one session. The time it takes to eat the meal compared to the time getting ready for serving it, is wholly disproportionate. The host usually finds herself exhausted by the time the first cut into the dark … Continue reading